20-2-2024: Participation exhibition Aqua Netherlands. On March 19-20-21, the exhibition Aqua Nederland will be held in Gorinchem. We are participating in this fair that focuses on everything around water, water management and water purification. We invite you to visit us at stand K 144. Through this link you can create a free entrance ticket: 

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2-3-2023: VSGM will participate in the exhibition Aqua Nederland, which will be held in the event hall in Gorinchem from 21 March 2023 to 23 March 2023. For VSGM, the time is ripe to present ourselves more emphatically to the market. Many studies on the processing and further applications of Neutral have been completed. Without exception with a positive result for the market and the environment in general. We cordially invite you to visit us. Click here for your entrance ticket.

1-12-2022: Our MID MIX installation has moved to Meppel. The company Kok Lexmond has commissioned the installation at their location in Meppel. This is the basis of a cooperation that both parties intend to expand in the future.

19-5-2022 We would like to invite you to the live talk show that Industrielinqs and VSGM are organising on 14 June at the Bouw & Infra Park in Harderwijk.

The theme is “The opportunities of CO2 storage in sludge”.

We are happy to receive you on location, but the talk show can also be watched online.

There will be room for questions, both online and from the floor. The event starts at 10:00 and lasts until 11:30. Click here to register for the talk show
The current emission trading prices make it more and more economically interesting to capture and store CO₂. Although industry has so far mainly opted for underground storage, storage in minerals offers an attractive alternative. A good example is Neutral, a raw material made by processing sludge from water purification (industrial/community) with MID MIX technology. MID MIX/Neutral even achieves a negative environmental score if the raw material is bound with large quantities of CO₂ via a so-called CO₂ box. The resulting hybrid/synthetic limestone flour is a valuable cement substitute.

In this Industrielinqs LIVE talk show, table guests Ronny Theune (AquaMinerals), Mladen Filipan (VSGM), a CO2 specialist in CCS/CCU and Stéphane Crèvecoeur (Carmeuse), among others, discuss the opportunities that CO2 capture and utilisation offers for a CO2-neutral economy.

Industrielinqs LIVE is a hybrid talk show about current developments in the industry. This talk show is a co-creation with VSGM. We broadcast with an audience from the Bouw & Infra Park in Harderwijk. The talk show can also be viewed online. There is room for questions, both online and from the audience. The talk show starts at 10:00 and lasts until 11:30.

12-5-2022 A nice article about MID MIX was published in the magazine Waterforum. It is the result of a study by CE Delft on the comparison between drying and incinerating sludge and processing with MID MIX technology. The headline reads “CE Delft: MID MIX sludge processing with additional CO2 mineralisation environmentally superior to sludge incineration”. You can read the article here.

15-4-2022 During the past period, we have been busy at the back end with further clarification and substantiation of our market proposition.
In cooperation with GMB and Carmeuse, two topics have been further elaborated. Firstly, an mLCA was carried out by CE Delft. This study compared the MID MIX technology with drying/burning RWZI sludge. You can download
the mLCA here.

A final material, Neutral, emerges from our primary process. Several routes for the sensible use of Neutral have been investigated together with Carmeuse. The most likely route is carbonation, adding an extra process step in which CO2 is fixed in the Neutral for a long time. This process then produces a hybrid/synthetic limestone flour – an excellent circular product for the construction industry.
The direct result of this cooperation with Carmeuse is a purchase guarantee of all produced limestone flour at a positive value.

Not only from an environmental point of view but also in terms of the business case, capturing CO2 has a great advantage.

26-01-2022: The seventh programme of Startup in Residence Amsterdam has officially started! The next six months the 7 selected companies @Noria, @Optimal Planet, @Seenons, @Portago, @VSGM, @Saltrex waste, @geoFluxus, @waste works will work on their solution for one of the previously formulated issues of the municipality or one of the other clients.
Startup in Residence is the incubation programme of the City of Amsterdam. Startups, scale ups, SME’s and social entrepreneurs get the chance to test and validate their innovative solution through a pilot in and with the city. The aim of the programme, if successful, is to establish a long-term cooperation with the company. The programme not only stimulates innovation, but also encourages and facilitates cooperation between smaller parties and the government.
Are you curious about Startup in Residence Amsterdam? Take a look at

​2-4-2020: Article in Trouw about CO2 emission waste processors and a link to VSGM READ THE ARTICLE IN TROUW HERE

9-1-2020: Stowa presented the report about the MID MIX technology on 9 January 2020. You can DOWNLOAD the FULL report here

7-2-2020: On the website Utilities, there is also an article about MID MIX READ MORE ON THE WEBSITE UTILITIES

23-1-2020: An interesting article on AGRO & Chemie about MID MIX technology READ MORE ON AGRO & CHEMIE

23-1-2020: “Investment of Oost NL in innovative, circular solution for sludge from sewage and water treatment with very low CO2 and almost no nitrogen emissions” according to the Oost NL website. READ MORE ON OOST NL

16-1-2020: VSGM introduced a sludge processing process MID MIX in the Netherlands in 2018. The results from field trials with sludge from four water boards at the pilot plant in Wilp are promising. There is also a great deal of interest from the building materials market to apply the white powdery end product produced by the process in building materials READ MORE ON WATERFORUM

13-1-2020: According to Stowa, who supervised the research, the technique can help to fill the shortfalls in sludge processing capacity. Dutch water boards want to consume less energy, save on costs and recover raw materials. READ MORE ON H2O WATERNETWERK

19-12-2019: Import levy on foreign waste will continue: READ MORE

2-10-2019: The developments with sludge processing in water board country are continuing. A nice technique that makes a useful application of sludge possible: READ MORE

10-7-2019: Feasibility study PACAS in combination with dosing iron compounds, IPMV theme Pulverised Coal: READ MORE