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VSGM’s mission is to make the world a cleaner place by introducing our unique sustainable waste processing technology. With the MID MIX, we process sludge originating from water boards, industrial sludge and soil cleaning residue into the reusable material Neutral. By doing so, VSGM wants to contribute to the achievement of the environmental objectives set in the Netherlands.

In July 2018, we introduced the MID MIX in the Netherlands and tested it extensively at our pilot installation in Wilp. An independent research report by STOWA shows that sludge processing with this installation is a unique and sustainable alternative for the Dutch market. The MID MIX technology requires relatively limited investments and is easy to scale up. With this, it is a technique par excellence for dealing with current shortages in the final processing capacity.

VSGM employs experienced operators who are thoroughly familiar with the technology of the MID MIX plant. They are happy to transfer this knowledge to all MID MIX users.

Tailored advice

Each waste treatment process requires a specific approach. At VSGM, we bring together all the important data. We listen to the wishes and requirements of our clients. Together with a team of specialists, we think along with the client about the best solution.

VSGM works together with a network of waste processing experts. They know all the ins and outs of the process. From building the MID MIX to operating processing facilities.

Work area

The MID MIX technology was developed in Croatia, where the installations were put to use for the first time. In the Netherlands and in many European countries, the MID MIX is marketed by VSGM. The technology is patented worldwide.


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