The most environmentally friendly and flexible method of sludge processing

MID MIX offers sustainable solution


MID MIX: Circular processing of sludge with a negative carbon footprint

Our fragile environment demands efficient and sustainable solutions. At VSGM, we therefore embrace the circular economy. We do this with our MID MIX technique, a patented sludge processing system. With this technique, the CO₂ footprint is negative and there are no NOx emissions. In environmental terms, this is a huge step forward compared to sludge incineration, currently the most widely used processing technology.

Our installations process your sludge into the new raw material Neutral. This end material is suitable for road construction, soil stabilization, flue gas cleaning and in the concrete industry. With additional processing, we can also store CO₂ produced elsewhere (CCU/CCS), after which the end product can still be put to good use.

MID MIX technology - solution for sludge processing

The innovative MID MIX technology processes sludge waste into a reusable raw material. MID MIX installations have been successfully used for sludge processing in Spain, France, Serbia and Croatia for many years. VSGM has also introduced MID MIX in the Netherlands. With our mobile test/demo installation, we have now processed many types of sludge. The final product – Neutral can be used in a wide range of circular applications where it replaces newly manufactured raw materials. For example, Neutral has been examined and approved by SGS Intron as a filler in concrete according to NEN 12.620, it has been approved as a cement substitute in soil stabilization and has been extensively tested as a substitute for quicklime for flue gas cleaning.
The pilot/demo installation has been in Meppel at a Kok Lexmond BV location since November 2022. Sludges are processed there and further tests and trials are done for interested parties who want to have a certain type of sludge processed or who want to purchase an installation for processing their own sludges. Are you interested? We cordially invite you to come and take a look. Make an appointment right away!

Scientific recommendation

MID MIX was previously tested in Wilp with sludges from some Dutch water boards. The method was found to be suitable for processing sludges with dry matter contents ranging from 18% to 55%. Research now shows that MID MIX is a promising and unique alternative for processing different types of sludge. Little CO2 is released during the process and no nitrogen at all. As a result, permits for placement of a MID MIX installation are relatively easy to obtain. In addition, our installations are flexibly scalable and the required surface area is small. The method offers a good and sustainable solution; MID MIX processes sludge into an applicable secondary building material called Neutral. More about the technique on the MID MIX technique page.

Neutral as a new raw material

The final product Neutral, a white, dry powder, consists of 80%-90% Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2 and 20%-10% Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Studies by concrete laboratories and the concrete processing industry have shown that Neutral is a reusable raw material for construction. Neutral can also replace cement in the certain applications.
In addition, Neutral can capture additional CO2 with a relatively simple post-processing step. This process, called carbonation, was developed in cooperation with Carmeuse and is also 100% supported by Carmeuse. More information on this can be found on the MID MIX technique page.

Partners for plant engineering and construction

New installations are designed and built in the Netherlands including all service and support required during implementation.

A Dutch engineering firm performs the engineering and designs the installation, which is fully tailored to the user’s wishes and needs. In addition, external specialists in the fields of air treatment, pollutant capture, sludge receiving bunkers and control techniques work together with a specialized machine factory that builds the installations. User data are continuously collected for further engineering development. The engineering office fulfills the role of supervisor throughout the construction process and functions as a knowledge center. Here you can contact us at any time for specific questions.

What experts say about MID MIX

“This technology is groundbreaking and completely innovative. The social impact is huge. Sludge processing is usually environmentally damaging. With MID MIX, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.”
Robert Pol, RWP Projectmanagement

“The method meets 100% of the needs and requirements of a circular economy. We have been using the MID MIX technology for almost 10 years as a permanent part of our the water treatment.”

Josip Pobi, Board Chairman Koprivnica Water Board (Croatia)

“Carmeuse has extensively investigated the possibility of capturing CO2. Carmeuse’s goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. MID MIX is one of the top projects that will make this possible. Carmeuse is introducing this initiative within Europe in the “Mineral Loop” and “Green Deal” programs and is providing the European certification.”
Stéphane Crèvecoeur; New Business Engineer CO2 -solutions, Carmeuse


Would you like to know if MID MIX is suitable for your company? We are happy to advise you without obligation.

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